Getting your greeting cards online

I admit I’m busy guy and I’m also can be considered a busy guy. Sometimes I’m too busy with work, I don’t really have the time to update this blog as well doing other chores. When I’m busy and have too much to do at the time, I tend to forget important things and events in my life.

I still remember when back in the early 90’s, there’s still no internet and people hardly have computers at home. When my parents birth days or anniversary closing in, my three younger sisters and me would sit around the table and made our own birthday cards for our parents. At those time, there were no Photoshop or Gimp, so we can’t design our birthday cards using the computer. With no internet, means there’s no birthday e cards too!

When I have my own computer and internet connection, I kept all my friends’ birthday list and their emails on the computer. When their birthday is around the corner, I would just connect to the internet and find some nice birthday e cards, write something nice on it and email them the link. Although it’s free and simple, my friends would really appreciate it because it’s a sign that I remember them. Plain and simple.

Nowadays, birthday e cards still play a great role in my life. With one of my younger sister is studying in the States and far away from home, I want her to know that I still have her in my mind. Snail mail with some birthday present would be the best but I can’t really know whether the package will reach her on her birthday or not, so as an additional to the package, I sent her birthday e cards because I know she will get it on her birthday.

  • The internet made it easy for everyone to remember and send e-cards but I think sending an actual card is way better, more sincere XD besides, we get to keep the card.

  • ecard..?? dah lama tak main ecard2 ni.. dulu time skolah2 dulu ade la.. skarang kalau nak wish ape2.. guna mms je.. kalau malas lagi, guna sms je.. tappi kan.. kad pos siput sedut lagi bermakna kan.. lagi2 kalau tulis tangan sendiri.. haa.. x gitu..

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  • yeah. sometimes we don’t have enough time to send the manual one. so just send the e-card! 😛

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  • pe alamat adik ko kat States tu? aku nk hantar e-card kat die :mrgreen:

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  • hehe masa mula2 internet masuk ke uniten dulu2 dalam tahun2 97-98 memang famous siot e-card neh. hehe 🙂

  • aku pernah guna ecard ni time aku sek menengah dulu…maklum la ramai peminat duit xde nak bg card betul…hahaha

    tapi bila dah besar nie..birthday awewk sendiri pon leh lupa…

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  • saya suka hantar e-card time raya.. comel2 je e-card tu.. heehe. time birthday nk hantar tapi tak berapa tau dan ingat besday diorang. huhu.

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