Investing in silver

I wrote about drawing KWSP fund to invest in gold sometime ago and it received a lot of comments. I really appreciate all the comments and feedback on the post. This time, I want to talk about investing in yet another precious metal but seems to be forgotten almost the time which is silver. Yerp, you heard it right, silver in which they made into silver rings and coins.

People tend to see gold as a great investment because of the price stability but they forget other precious metal like silver. They are other metal and resources that is precious like oil and uranium, but let’s forget about that. If you’re looking for an investment with the  low risk  gold but cheaper, then you should consider investing in silver. Investing in silver is similar to gold, you can buy silver jewelry and stock them like you buy gold jewelry or gold bars.

Silver prices tend to follow or track the price of gold. So if the gold prices goes up, the silver price will go up too. Furthermore, the silver price can fluctuate at times, depending on industrial and store of value demands. So if you smart, you know when to buy and sell silver. You can make a handsome profit in such a short time if you’re lucky.

Hopefully, after you read this post, you will not throw away your silver earrings away because of someday, you might sell it for much more than you bought it.