Do you love paintball?


Did you ever heard of paintball? Do you ever play paintball? I know I’ve heard of it and I am eager to try it out. Don’t expect me as a total geek who only sits in front of the computer and doing nothing except playing counter strike or other computer games only. In fact, I do love engaging in physical sports like futsal and basketball, paintball is what I’m aiming next.


My company held a paintball tournament a while ago. I can’t join the tournament because I have to work on that day. In fact, I feel so jealous when my friends were talking about how much they had during the tournament. They keep talking about it like for a week straight. You can imagine how much fun they had during the paintball tournament.


Paintball is a sport that is relatively expensive at the moment and it’s getting popular and more popular each day. Each month, I can see there’s a new place for paintballing and looking at this trend, I can safely say it’s growing fast here and it’s getting cheaper by each day due to competitions of paintballing centers. Like I said earlier, although the paintball equipments are relatively expensive, this doesn’t stop a few people to get hands on their own paintball gear themselves.

Paintball gears can be purchased the local paintball centers. To those who might want to try it out first, you can always rent the equipment at the paintball center. How about shopping the paintball gears online? I have a particular website that might interest paintball fanatics and big spenders.


Jasse Paintball is a paintball online shop. It’s a huge collection of paintball gears and tons of it. Equipment sold starts from guns, pistols, vest, mask, barrels, air system and hoppers. They even have paintball grenades and mines too. Okay, I admit I don’t know that. They also provide a variety of brands for the equipments too. The top selling brands are Tippman, Ariakon, Tiberius, Spyder and Smart Parts. The prices starts from as low as $4.95 for the grenades up to $994 for a single rifle. You have the option to buy single parts or can opt for a complete package from them. And did I mention they offer free shipping too? Remember to check for their terms and conditions first!

So any bloggers want to hold a tournament? Let me know about it so that we can have a real Counter Strike experience. If you ever came across a paintball tournament, remember to wear masks and preferably thick clothes or you’ll be sorry when it’s over ! :grin: