The obsession for rugs

I love to watch movies and TV series. Most of them are American or British productions and I’m exposed to their lifestyle, routines, gadgets, vehicles and stretches as far as home decorations. One of the things I noticed that they have in common in their homes are rugs. Seriously I can’t really find the obsession for rugs in my life until one day.

I went to my friend’s house last week to see him after he came back from the overseas on a business trip. When I stepped into his living room, the first thing I noticed was he just bought a new rug for the living room. It doesn’t surprise me at all since he’s graduated from the States so it might be a common thing to have rugs in the living room.

We talked about a lot of things and there are so many things to catch up. One of the things that came out was about the rug. For the first time, I can taste the feel of having rugs in my own home. My friend suggested me to get some medium sized rugs or usually called area rugs as a decoration at my place.  I know the house I’m living in now is not so well decorated because I don’t really have the time to do it.

We talked a lot about rugs on that day. He told me how to buy cheap rugs but high in quality, how to take care the rugs and where is the best place to shop for rugs. He even told me that there are many types of rugs and how the prices vary with every type of rugs. It’s a very informative information that my friend shared and now my interests in rugs just shooting up. Maybe I will get a rug for my home soon, really soon!