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I stumbled across a nice psychology site. At first, I just think it’s just a normal blog instead of psychology website. Silly me. Seriously, I bet you will think the same too. Maybe the site is using WordPress as CMS for the psychology news.

Anyway, back to the main topic. What do you know about psychology? Give me your best shot of the definition on psychology. According to Wikipedia, psychology is an academic act and applied discipline in studying human behavior involving brain functions and human reactions according to situation.

When talking about psychology, I always remember the movie Hannibal starring Anthony Hopkins. I’m sure you guys watched the movie right? That’s what psychology all about. Maybe you all ever come across psychological test on the internet, where they asked you a series of questions and they can predict what is your personality right? I’m amazed with this type of sites but if you look on how to learn psychology and the secret behind it, I can pinpoint you to a site full of psychology articles for you to read.

On the site, you will find a big list of articles on psychology topics. It ranges from easy reading to the heavy stuff for more complex readings. There are more than 11000 articles on the site and nicely indexed. You should check the “Most Viewed Artciles” section. It offers really interesting topics on psychology. One of the title that might interest you guys there is “Over masturbation and the effect on health”. I know a lot of you might be intrigued to read this. There are a lot of other articles that might interest you, not just that one itself. So head over the site and read all you want. The best part of all, you are able to download psychology articles to your computers as PDF files too!

I don’t really know if my readers are interested in psychology or a psychologist, but hopefully this post has some benefit for my readers. Remember to give feedback after you checked out the site :cool:

  • morning………..erk..keje mlm ye? 😆

    I found it quite informative website & i’ll check out this website from time to time to learn about the latest updates.


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  • I’m currently taking a course on introduction to psychology, and I must say that I’m enjoying every single bit of it. Rarely does a course in my university (renowned to be a ‘technical’ university, meaning that we’re all the science-y people and spend hours memorising things instead of really understanding the concepts behind them) approaches a field of knowledge in a holistic manner. Psychology is not easy, that’s for sure, for it covering so many different aspects of the society and people; but a caveat is that when you’re studying psychology, it’s actually scrutinizing on how we function, think and behave. It’s interesting to study our own behavior from a third-party perspective, isn’t it?

    Great site, thanks for the links 🙂 I’ve already bookmarked the site and will read more about it when my exams are over, heh. Thanks for the recommendations!

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  • woho. psychology is a such a heavy thing for me. I have to interprate it paragraph by paragraph.

    btw, we have to know a bit of psychology at least. we need it someday 😎

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  • thanx for sharing!=)

    nway. i have nanged this post..=)