Some thoughts into Earth Hour


I know that a lot of bloggers are buzzing about Earth Hour day that will happen soon which is today. For you guys who didn’t know about Earth Hour day, let me give you a quick and brief introduction to it. Earth Hour is an annual event held by World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund or also known as WWF. This event was help on the last Saturday of March every year since 2007. This year, today is the last Saturday of March and people who are supporting Earth Hour will be switching off their non-essential lights and electrical equipment for an hour starting from 8.30 PM till 9.30 local time world wide to show awareness to the global climate change. Although this is an annual event, hopefully people will do this everyday and not taking Earth Hour day as an exit sign to be responsible to Earth only on that moment.


Enough of the brief introduction. I think there’s too many people blogging about it. Let’s talk about it from a different angle. As we can expect from dark moments during the Earth Hour, here’s some tips that you can apply for tonights event:

  • If you attending the event at an open location, make sure you identify exits signs or points before the event started. Also make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and make sure that your personal belongings are safe with you the whole time. We don’t want any pickpockets and sexual predators to take advantage of us.
  • Avoid to use candles, smoking cigarettes, driving any vehicles, watching televisions or using other light sources in the spirit of Earth Hour. Remember the program is to help mother nature and doing those things are not helping anything towards the better earth. You can keep a torch light as a backup in case something happened.
  • In case you’re in a building or maybe you’re happened to work late tonight, please make sure that you have identified the EXIT SIGNS for your office and fire evacuation procedure. This is in case of a fire occur during the lights out. Anything can happen so it’s best to be prepared.
  • Take this one hour opportunity to feel and get closer to earth and wonder how God created this world. Take a pause and realize how earth without any lights in the past and the only source of light at the time is the moon. Think deeply on how people used to live before and appreciate what we have today.

I think that’s enough for quick 4 tips on how you can enjoy the Earth Hour to the fullest. Remember, you’re not doing this for yourself but to the whole world. Hopefully, starting tonight, more and more people will realize the important of saving earth and not just doing it for today, but for each day to come. I know I will try my best but how about you? :grin:

  • aku baru terfikir.. earth hour start kul 8.30 kan.. haaaaa.. Buletin Utama kat TV3 dalam gelap ke eh..?? Hahahahaa..!!

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  • i dont think it need anymore introduction, that’s why i didnt put it on my blog except for the banner

    i am really looking forward to the pictures that people will be posting after tonite 🙂

  • i wonder what happened to those who needed to do ‘big business’ during that hour. hehe.

  • d2z

    i’m thinking to do the before and after the earth hour..but i think usm earth hour like start at 9? haish~

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  • 😀

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  • 😈 aku plak pergi rumah kawan hehe bergelap jugak rumah aku kan hehe..

    tapi dlm Islam berjimat cermat dan amalan tidak membazir ni sudah lama ditekan kan.

    Membazir itu amalan Syaitan, 😈

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  • And I thought it was a blackout…

    they actually should just shutdown ALL DATACENTERS because Datacenters use 38% of ALL POWER in the country…..

    then TNB switch off all the street lamps……so jimat 60%…..

    Azrin @

    PS: Bro Mafia Wars treasury is up…..join the M W melayu gang now

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  • semalam saya bergelap.. tapi lambat start skit.. 9-10pm.haha

    yg saya perasan, 8TV je yg delay program start 8.30 – 9.30pm. Tv lain ada rancangan cam biasa je..takde plak ‘tutup lampu’. huhu

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  • i tgk outside my window.. cerah mcm tu je smalam haha

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  • mission accomplish!

  • ako nmpk malaysiakini. haha. nk masuk list malaysiakini harus letak malaysiakini kat tajuk. yeah! 😆

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  • they should do this every month. maybe use 50% less of electricity every 1st day of the month rather than restricting it to one hour and then use it back like nobody cares.

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