Survey : Do you have water filter at home?

If you read the titles above, you might think I’m someone who wants to promote water filter products to some potential customers right? Well, seriously, I don’t sell any water filters here, so you can safely read this on without any doubts. :mrgreen:

Anyway, back to the point. So do you have  water filters at your home? Maybe some of you have, but I believe most of you don’t. The truth is, I don’t have any too. I rely on the services provided by the condominium management and I trust they have done their job well. The water is clean, doesn’t have any bad smell and it taste good when I drank it. So does that mean the water safe for you?

I always wondered about that and I made some online research myself. Turns out, the points that I gave above is not sufficient to prove the fact that the water is safe. It’s true that the water looks clean, no bad smell and tastes fine, but that doesn’t guarantee the safety of it. The fact is, although the water seems fine, it still has some unwanted minerals, a bit of mud and chlorine. Do you know that our skin is the largest organ in the system and chlorine can make the skin dry unnaturally? In order to protect our largest organ from any harmful causes, we need to have a shower water filter. This is to prevent any harmful substance especially the chlorine from affecting our skin.

If you think that water filters are expensive and wasteful or you asking if we can make our own water filters, here’s how to make a water filter. It’s simple, easy to do it yourself and much cheaper than the commercial product. It might be low in cost but it does provide the same effect as the commercial product. Remember to have a safe way of drinking the water because water plays an important role in our body function. :grin: