Looking for a webhosting company?

I still remember the first time I decided to switch from free blogging platform to my self hosted blog using WordPress as platform. That was roughly a year ago. One of the main reason for it, I want to explore the ability to expand my blog to reach out more people and to be more serious on blogging. I admit when I was blogging on free blogging platform like Blogspot and free WordPress, I tend to stop after a month or so, so by getting my own hosting, I will be more consistent in blogging so as not to waste my money for the hosting cost. Apparently, it did!

Before I purchase my current hosting, I did make some research. The only point I’m making the research was to look for a cheap web hosting among others and I bought my current webhosting package. It costs RM100 for a year. Although I’m satisfied with the uptime and the fast response of the technical support, sometimes I found it frustrating. Maybe I should give more thoughts on other aspects as well.

I will not go into details on how to select the best webhosting company. This is because everyone has their own choice and criteria. Some people gets recommendation from others on webhosting companies. Maybe I will talk about this on my coming posts when I have time to write more. This is just to voice out my frustration in deciding the hosting for my blog. If you think that you can switch to another hosting if the one that you got screws up big time, think again. Although it’s possible, but truthfully it will take a lot of time and a lot of downtime to your blog or website. Some people might not care but to some, they need to avoid downtime as minimal as possible!