Blog contest will be here soon !

The first of April marked my return to the blogging world. As fast as the time went, I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I started blogging again. Don’t ask me about my past experience in blogging. I love blogging but never had the courage to go all the way for a year in blogging.

present box red

And if you guys wondering why you can’t access my blog yesterday, my blog had some problems and it’s something that can be resolved quickly. No it’s not April fool. Trust me, I’m not playing you guys. My blog pranked me yesterday. Damn it. Because of that, I need to change the layout of my blog too (in case you still haven’t noticed). Modifications still coming up as I’m too busy with the work at the office.

Next quick update, as the title says I will be holding a blog contest to celebrate a year of blogging. The contest style and prizes will be announced soon. So stay tune for that.

As for the prize, I can guarantee that it’s a nice one and it’s not personalized children’s plate. In fact, I am planning to hold another blog contest soon to celebrate my first domain name anniversary which is sometime in June and hopefully I can match the prizes in that contest with this one. I’m not planning to give away any money prizes this time but maybe in the June contest or maybe if I changed my mind. Hehe.

As for anyone who still insists to sponsor children’s gifts, I will take into consideration if there’s anyone who wants to contribute to the prizes. So let me know if you want to chip in for the prizes.