Do you have P1 Wimax?

I don’t know how many of you out there who already has P1 Wimax at their homes. I just subscribed P1 Wimax last week and I’m going to write a short review on my experience so far. If you guys never heard of P1 Wimax, Packet One is the first company to offer Wimax in Malaysia. Wimax is a technology based on wireless but implemented for a larger area like a town or larger area. This gives a wireless internet connectivity and portable wireless access at a larger scale. Enough of the introduction, let’s go into my experience with P1 Wimax so far.


Setting up the connection.

Connecting to P1 Wimax access point is very simple. Get the router unit out of the box, power it up and connect the cable to the LAN port of your computer. Make sure it’s set to DHCP and it will get an IP address from the P1 Wimax router. No need to set up any password as it will connect to the nearest access point automatically.

If you have trouble in getting the signal from an access point, locate the nearest access point from P1 Wimax website and make sure you face the router to the location. Usually people tend to put the unit near their windows but it doesn’t really make a difference unless it’s facing the access point. This is from my experience, feel free to let me know if there’s any other method that you find useful.

The browsing speed.

The browsing speed is excellent. Much better and much faster from certain other wireless broadband provider using HSDPA or 3G network. It’s not the fact of the wireless connection but the backbone at the access point. Many people have the wrong concept of this because of misleading information by the telco provider but I don’t blame the users though.


Local server test


Foreign server test

The problem I faced so far.

1. Since it’s wireless and the access point is pretty much vulnerable to weather condition. You might have some service disruption during stormy days or in a very heavy rain condition. Yes, it’s like Astro during that time. This fact makes Streamyx hard to beat because it’s using a wired connection. So far, I’m satisfied with the downtime as I’m sure P1 engineers are working around the clock to resolve any network issues if there’s any problem.

2. I have a problem with my DS-300 modem which is the standard unit issued by P1. The problem I had with the unit is the router reboots itself after a few minutes. Not sure if there’s any other customer having the same problem with me but it’s quite annoying. The problem resolved after exchanging to a new unit and there’s no further question asked. I went to the P1 HQ at Jalan Templar and exchange to a new one without much hassle. They will fill out a form for you and ask you to sign it and you’re good to go after an hour from the activation.

3. The customer service generally have given me an excellent support but there’s something wrong with them. I have a network background and pretty much a computer guy. Apart from that, I also used to support customers on the phone and I know very well how the infrastructure goes. So I don’t really know what is the problem with the customer support for P1, either they are really following the troubleshooting script and procedures or they lack of technical skills. When I explain my P1 unit reboots itself, this girl ask me back what I mean by reboot so I tried to explain in other terms like restarts by itself or it’s like you turn the unit off and on again. Did she ever heard of  “reboot”?

On another call, I explained my problem again and this time the person who’s talking to me (can’t remember if it’s guy or a woman) ask me if my connection LED is red and is it blinking. Ok, I’m just clueless when he/she asked me that. I specifically said that I have logged in to the management interface ( credit to Prasys for the login/pass) and tell he/she that the uptime is only less than a minute before it reboots itself and of course the uptime went back to 0.

Maybe I’m just too emotional when it comes to technical part because somehow I feel offended with the questions but I don’t really blame them. Like I said, maybe they are just following the standard troubleshooting script or just lack of technical skills which can be improved at some point. Other than that, I can safely say the customer support is at the best of help and quick.

So is P1 Wimax is the solution to Stremayx monopoly.

If you want my honest opinion, I will say P1 Wimax has the potential to break Streamyx monopoly. Here’s my reasons:

1. Stability issue – Streamyx is looking good on the wired connection and P1 needs to deal with access point issues if there’s any problem at the access point due to weather conditions. IF they can provide a redundant access point anywhere the user is located, this will be a great thing. What I mean is when user is at a location, there are a few access points located nearby, so when one is not functioning they can switch to another access point without much downtime.

2. Speed issue – I know a lot of people complaints about the slow network speed of Streamyx and currently P1 is championing this aspect. The speed for Streamyx and P1 is pretty much the same for my package (I have both Streamyx and P1) but surfing the internet is much smoother than Streamyx. This is something that P1 needs to keep on doing to keep the customers happy. I don’t have the date on how many P1 subscriber at the moment but they need to make sure they expand their network as the users grew or it will be the same sad story as Streamyx.

3. Customer service – P1 needs to maintain the response time for their customer service and keep the key performance index at the highest level. Of course they need to improve their troubleshooting script or whatever as well as their technical skill for the service desk. I know the service desk usually opens a ticket and they doesn’t deal a lot on the technical skills which might be the responsibility of another department or another level, but having a technical knowledge will give a nice impression on the callers. At least make them look they know about what they are talking about :grin:.

So basically, I believe P1 Wimax has the potential to break the Streamyx monopoly but this depends on what P1 do to improve their service. Don’t just sit around believing job is done well. Keep the hard work coming and Streamyx will need to get their ass up and start running to catch up with the pace. And they’re launching the new P1 Wimax portable device called Wiggy at the PC Fair. I have been waiting for this one…need to check it out. But sadly, it’s on a different package ! Damn it !!!!!!!!!!!!