Do you have P1 Wimax?

I don’t know how many of you out there who already has P1 Wimax at their homes. I just subscribed P1 Wimax last week and I’m going to write a short review on my experience so far. If you guys never heard of P1 Wimax, Packet One is the first company to offer Wimax in Malaysia. Wimax is a technology based on wireless but implemented for a larger area like a town or larger area. This gives a wireless internet connectivity and portable wireless access at a larger scale. Enough of the introduction, let’s go into my experience with P1 Wimax so far.


Setting up the connection.

Connecting to P1 Wimax access point is very simple. Get the router unit out of the box, power it up and connect the cable to the LAN port of your computer. Make sure it’s set to DHCP and it will get an IP address from the P1 Wimax router. No need to set up any password as it will connect to the nearest access point automatically.

If you have trouble in getting the signal from an access point, locate the nearest access point from P1 Wimax website and make sure you face the router to the location. Usually people tend to put the unit near their windows but it doesn’t really make a difference unless it’s facing the access point. This is from my experience, feel free to let me know if there’s any other method that you find useful.

The browsing speed.

The browsing speed is excellent. Much better and much faster from certain other wireless broadband provider using HSDPA or 3G network. It’s not the fact of the wireless connection but the backbone at the access point. Many people have the wrong concept of this because of misleading information by the telco provider but I don’t blame the users though.


Local server test


Foreign server test

The problem I faced so far.

1. Since it’s wireless and the access point is pretty much vulnerable to weather condition. You might have some service disruption during stormy days or in a very heavy rain condition. Yes, it’s like Astro during that time. This fact makes Streamyx hard to beat because it’s using a wired connection. So far, I’m satisfied with the downtime as I’m sure P1 engineers are working around the clock to resolve any network issues if there’s any problem.

2. I have a problem with my DS-300 modem which is the standard unit issued by P1. The problem I had with the unit is the router reboots itself after a few minutes. Not sure if there’s any other customer having the same problem with me but it’s quite annoying. The problem resolved after exchanging to a new unit and there’s no further question asked. I went to the P1 HQ at Jalan Templar and exchange to a new one without much hassle. They will fill out a form for you and ask you to sign it and you’re good to go after an hour from the activation.

3. The customer service generally have given me an excellent support but there’s something wrong with them. I have a network background and pretty much a computer guy. Apart from that, I also used to support customers on the phone and I know very well how the infrastructure goes. So I don’t really know what is the problem with the customer support for P1, either they are really following the troubleshooting script and procedures or they lack of technical skills. When I explain my P1 unit reboots itself, this girl ask me back what I mean by reboot so I tried to explain in other terms like restarts by itself or it’s like you turn the unit off and on again. Did she ever heard of  “reboot”?

On another call, I explained my problem again and this time the person who’s talking to me (can’t remember if it’s guy or a woman) ask me if my connection LED is red and is it blinking. Ok, I’m just clueless when he/she asked me that. I specifically said that I have logged in to the management interface ( credit to Prasys for the login/pass) and tell he/she that the uptime is only less than a minute before it reboots itself and of course the uptime went back to 0.

Maybe I’m just too emotional when it comes to technical part because somehow I feel offended with the questions but I don’t really blame them. Like I said, maybe they are just following the standard troubleshooting script or just lack of technical skills which can be improved at some point. Other than that, I can safely say the customer support is at the best of help and quick.

So is P1 Wimax is the solution to Stremayx monopoly.

If you want my honest opinion, I will say P1 Wimax has the potential to break Streamyx monopoly. Here’s my reasons:

1. Stability issue – Streamyx is looking good on the wired connection and P1 needs to deal with access point issues if there’s any problem at the access point due to weather conditions. IF they can provide a redundant access point anywhere the user is located, this will be a great thing. What I mean is when user is at a location, there are a few access points located nearby, so when one is not functioning they can switch to another access point without much downtime.

2. Speed issue – I know a lot of people complaints about the slow network speed of Streamyx and currently P1 is championing this aspect. The speed for Streamyx and P1 is pretty much the same for my package (I have both Streamyx and P1) but surfing the internet is much smoother than Streamyx. This is something that P1 needs to keep on doing to keep the customers happy. I don’t have the date on how many P1 subscriber at the moment but they need to make sure they expand their network as the users grew or it will be the same sad story as Streamyx.

3. Customer service – P1 needs to maintain the response time for their customer service and keep the key performance index at the highest level. Of course they need to improve their troubleshooting script or whatever as well as their technical skill for the service desk. I know the service desk usually opens a ticket and they doesn’t deal a lot on the technical skills which might be the responsibility of another department or another level, but having a technical knowledge will give a nice impression on the callers. At least make them look they know about what they are talking about :grin:.

So basically, I believe P1 Wimax has the potential to break the Streamyx monopoly but this depends on what P1 do to improve their service. Don’t just sit around believing job is done well. Keep the hard work coming and Streamyx will need to get their ass up and start running to catch up with the pace. And they’re launching the new P1 Wimax portable device called Wiggy at the PC Fair. I have been waiting for this one…need to check it out. But sadly, it’s on a different package ! Damn it !!!!!!!!!!!!


  • wiggy is toooooooooooo big.. that the big big problem..
    its take all space of the usb.. especially the notebook that have pair(s) of usb in parallel..

    TMUkmkd’s last blog post..[Tutorial, Tips] Post Automatik

    • raynerru

      korang tau tak..saya di sini sangat sakit hati,.kata p1 ni high speed broadband.
      tapi sbaliknya.bgus lagi duduk dekat kedai mamak yang x bestnya ade org yang x senonoh.membuatkan saya x nak duduk lama kat kedai mamak…ok la,berbalik kpd p1 td.saya memang setuju dan tak tipu pasal penggunaan testing selama seminggu tu..biarpun speed yang saya ambil cuma 400kbps memang sama dengan 1gbps.tapi sekarang bagai gprs celcom.ada masa macam 3g tapi kekadang macam (masuk laman google pun hampir 30 min).harap ada yang dapat membantu.

  • laporan yang memberangsangkan mengenai WiMax! terima kasih.

    megat’s last blog post..Kabinet Najib, Lebih Kecil Tapi Berkuasa!

  • P1 Wimax has the potential to beat the shite out of Streamyx! I’ve been using it since December and I love it! The connectivity issues are not as dramatic as Streamyx and I’m happy with it so far. 😎

  • great report! Hoho, mmg dah lama dah aku x puas hati ngan streamyx ni.. 👿

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  • p1 nyer coverage klang valley je kan ?

  • What i dont like about their package is their fair package policy.

    inertz’s last blog post..Jangan minta laicikang kat Sate Kajang Haji Samuri

  • You know what’s the other shitty thing about streamyx? They expect 4mb subscribers just to surf net with it. Now tell me, who in the real mind subscribe 4mb package just to check mail and surf net?

  • I mean right mind, sorry.

  • pernah baca review ttg P1 ni… kawasan kak jie belum ada…walaupun snailmyx ni mcm hilang sesungut..terpaksa la guna..ini je yg ada… 😆

    Kujie’s last blog post..Bagaimana menjejak penghantar email

  • ooo what ever it is…. still tak berapa stable… ermmm

    YAN^S’s last blog post..Lalalalalalala

  • Aku dah pakai sebulan dah. speed dia mmg giler. Yang paling best ialah download mmg laju. Youtube mmg berkesan guna P1 sbb dia upload cepat.

    haritz’s last blog post..Pneumonia

  • Macam ada tertarik gak nak pakai wimax ni… tapi cam leceh la plak nak tukar2 ni.. hurm.. *still thinking*

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  • hi,

    details review ni, tak cover..cerita ttg masalah P1.
    AKu tertarik dgn masalah customer service tuh, bukan setakat P1 je…streamyx pun sama…hampeh jugak..balik2 baca skrip.They shud at least predetermine background level user..klu makcik2 ke bleh lah kan nak bagi basic step.Kadang2 sakit hati jekk bila call.

    I still doubt lagi wired vs wireless ni..skrg ni baru lagi. So we will ny contract with Streamyx till this October

    lankapo’s last blog post..Streamyx Down Again

  • Wah,menarik bunyinya~ saya tau kewujudan P1 Wimax ni cuma taktau pulak ianya wireless 😆

  • Bro, keep on reviewing especially the Wiggy… 🙂

    <abbr>kruel74’s last blog post..The day I fall in love with my wife….</abbr>

  • Tested P1 Wiggy and I could get up to 4mbps.

    That’s a great advantage over Streamyx.

    I believe that P1 is the nation’s future to wireless broadband.

    HeHeHunter’s last blog post..HeHeHunter’s Site New Remake!

  • libran

    Hmm, hari tu masa nak ambik internet connection mmg dah nak ambik wimax ni, tapi area saya xde coverage. So terpaksala ambik maxis nyer. Bayar mahal tapi hampeh… slow giler, tambah2 weekend… rasa nak campak je.
    Tu bulan Feb… harap2 tak lama lagi area sya dicover oleh wimax. soonest area sya ada coverage, mmg saya nak terminate contract jer, takpe bayaar penalti rm200, asalkan puas hati…

  • jy

    i had use wimax for 2 months. first 15 days trial period was good, but afte that, the connection really sucks.

    for past3 weeks, i had terrible experience with their customer service,. I already complaint more than 18 times,but they can’t seems to solve my problem.

    Worse part, the give tons of excuses and reply get ack to me.

    My honest opinion, there service and speed is not up to standard. In the end, you are just paying to get more frsutration.

  • Zack

    Superb connection tp nak tanya satu bendalah bro. Boleh tak kita sambungkan Lan wire tu trus ke wireless modem tak melalui Lan di laptop. So kita boleh duduk dimana saja kat dalam umah kita. Macam kita pakai wifi la.

  • Zeke

    I've been using P1 W1MAX since August 2008 and it's been working like a gem, great product, always on 'green' signal and really have been enjoying the service.

    Lately, since April 28th, 2009, it's been rather crap, so hard to get a signal and when I get it, it disconnect itself. So I'm wondering if there's too many people who applied for the service and can't keep up, like for Streamyx.

    It's like become the best product in Malaysia and then now one of the sub mediocre product, so dissapointed and frustrated.

    • |1f34|-|1r3

      i can’t really say anything for you but you might want to check their announcement page for any interruption or better call them directly.. from what i can see, since they are covering a lot of areas at the moment, they have a problem maintaining the burst of users that is using P1 now. the main question is will they upgrade the lines or end up like streamyx ?

  • jumadi

    if u want to apply p1 wimax just call me 013-3536426 i will come to your house to set up configration for free

    • |1f34|-|1r3

      i doubt people will have any problem to setup P1 at their home…but we never know right?

  • laijoseph

    i need same help..can u teach me how to setup the p1 wimax to wireless router.tq

  • ninja

    W1mAx is totally crap.. for the first 1 week trial speed is awesome.. then gradually they cut your allocated bandwidth..
    I wont pay next month w1max.. customer service is full off stupid Indian.. always tell that it is customers part that went wrong.. stupid customer service.. go back selling puttu mayam ..asshole

  • Please take notice that P1 do have a fair usage policy so if you take the RM99 package you get good speed up to 20gb of data transfer and after that it gets slow(this resets each month).Probably that is the reason why some are getting slow connection after a while.If you are a heavy user try taking the bigger package.Hmm anyone knows if the office package can applied by home users?

  • oMAR



  • melon

    i dun think P1 is good anyway. During Day have no problem, I agreed the speeds and everythg is better than streamyx. but when night come, the stability speed occur, i always suffering at nite when using P1 wimax!!! awesome!!!!!!!

  • Wee

    Ya..i face the same problem with ninja and laijoseph..
    First trial week is good at all,but after that the speed slow like hell !!!!!!!
    After a month,my friend tell me that he want share line with me,he asked me to change package to P1 Home Pro,which is 2.4mp,but after changed and we shared using D-link switch,the speed slow and i get disconnect…

  • mickey

    damnsara damai ade coverage tak?
    plesSss heLp me~

  • guinshoo

    p1 wimax suck.. u all can die die wimax… waste a contract of 1 year ( rm 1k ) for the unstables connection ever…. pui o0o its a crap.. spread the message of this lousy internet service….

  • p1 sak!! uploading sak big time..i will go P1 office and make a complaint!!
    for who wanna "Potong" dont "Potong" cos P1 is liar!!
    download sometime fast..u sad youtube is fast??u have fool by them..cos youtube..there have a cache for youtube at there faster la..if others video streaming..still sak!

    fak la !!

  • faye

    I think you are working for wimax. since your review is very biased towards it.
    So far all, i'm experiencing is SLOW connection.

  • noi

    check out how many people not satisfied with P1 at this link
    Joint this group, so that we can have more members to submit complaints to the Ministry.

  • amie25

    i've problem to operate with wiggy because my laptop running with 64-bit system and the configuration not support my computer to connecting to internet. How to resolve this problem?

  • meir

    yew2………mule2 gner wimax laju jer!!!!
    pstuh bler lama2 mcm ape lain nyer kjap lampu merah,pastu kuning…ijau….pastu merah!!
    e'eh…..pstu lain putus…..=.=''
    bengang tul nih…men game online ……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  • sylbilas

    P1 mmg menyedihkan beb… kekadang ok kekadang truk sgt… kalau masa ok u-tube boleh2 la but online gaming still failed. tapi kalau masa truk…sakitnyaaaaa atiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • kabuto

    salam 1mlysia…aku pon ade prob psal p1 ni..

    aku duk bndar kole trganu.

    klu nk ikutkan..

    pemancar p1 dkt je ngn umah aku..

    tp nape lembap jgk r..

    masuk google pon dkt stgh jam.

    MEN game online pon slalu je disconect..

    harap ade yg dpt bntu…TQ

  • mike

    kadangkala windows kita yg ada masalah, banyak virus dan spyware boleh buat internet lambat jugak. so install windows baru sebelum buat testing WiMax vs Streamyx. For me, wireless will never beat wired. If WiMax dun continue to increase capacity accordingly, it will surely end up just like Streamyx, overloaded most of the time!

  • syiraf

    p1 skunk cam action jew..
    sruh owg bli..tpi ble dah lame lembap sgt2..
    leh tlong explain..??
    ckap 4G..
    macam JEPUN…

  • Jack

    Thanks mann! 😀

  • enis

    cube try yg baru model dx-230…so far saya dpt cam tu jgak tp line x putus…

  • xeo

    ade mase mmg laju sekali da lambat pergh…

  • Jerry

    at least they have good customer service. i know now their connection more stable and better speeds. Just need to increase coverage.

  • Jerry

    i dun understand why….i have been using P1 for 10 months now. I have no major issues and the speed is pretty good. P1 works for me.

  • Jerry

    i have no problems with P1. Its stable and fast for me. I used to have some connectivity issues after 3 moths of using it but i got it settled with the Customer Service and up till now…i have had no problems with P1. The speed is fast and connection is pretty stable. Sometimes its a little slow when its raining but oither than that, its cool.

  • Chintaque

    yah p1 max suck….just need to wait for few month and then im going to cancel my p1 max for sure

  • Dsa Sdad

    DoNot purchase p1 wimax