File Extension NEF

File Extension NEF or commonly known as Nikon raw image file is the file extension used for raw photos captured by a Nikon digital camera usually a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. This file type stores data exactly as it was captured by charge-coupled device (CCD). This is to retain the original settings such as exposure and white balance of the image and later stored into the computer. When it’s on the computer, further enhancement can be made to the picture using any graphic manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop.


Where File Extension NEF is used ?

NEF file extension are used only in Nikon digital camera as the file format extension for raw photos captured using Nikon DSLR cameras and this is an uncommon file extension used in only Nikon DSLR cameras.

Which Application Needed To Open File Extension NEF ?

NEF file extension can be opened with advanced image viewer software like Adobe Photoshop, The GIMP, Irfan View, ACDSee. Nikon also provided a software to be used with the NEF file format called Nikon View. The file format can further be edited with applications such as Adobe Photoshop CS and The GIMP.

Converting File Extension NEF to other format.

NEF file extension can be converted to other formats using Adobe Photoshop or the GIMP after editing. You can edit the file first or just save it as another file format without editing if you want. If you want to convert it directly, you can use image converter software such as Image Converter Plus to do it.