File extension TIF

File extension TIF or also known as Tagged Image File Format is a file format that is used to store images like other picture file format like JPG, PNG and GIF. Originally developed by Aldus and as far as 2009, Adobe Systems has gain control of the file format and holds the copyright to the TIFF specification although there’s no major changes since it was first introduced in 1992. The latest version reported of the TIFF file extension format is TIFF 6.0.

Where File Extension TIF is used ?

Basically TIF file extension is used in pictures in the computer and over the internet. Although it’s not as popular as JPG file format or GIF file format, it’s still used widely across the world.

Which Application Needed To Open File Extension TIF ?

Basically there’s a lot of programs that can be used to open TIF file extension. Since this is a universal file format, most graphic editor and viewer program can be used to open the file format. Applications that can be used to open the TIF file extension files are like Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Picture Viewer, Irfanview, The GIMP and ACDSee.


Converting File Extension TIF to other format.

Converting TIF file extension to other picture format like JPG, GIF and PNG is possible. The simplest way to do it from Windows is to open TIF images with Microsoft Paint. After the image has been loaded, go to File > Save As. A new box will pop up. Put the file name that you want and pick the option below to save as another file format and you’re done!

  • what the advantage from using TIFF/TIF instead using JPG or the others file format?

  • tiff tu lossless, tapi jpeg,gif itu adalah ‘lossy’

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  • apa pula maksud lossless dan lossy? 😳

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      lossless & lossy merujuk kepada cara compression.

      dalam konteks gambar, lossy banyak discard info pasal gambar tuh sendiri spt dlm JPEG file. lossless plak dia compress gak, tp tak seextreme cam JPEG. ada jugak lossy gunakan pengiraan vektor dan matematik utk compress data…

      tak percaya kalu, buat screenshot n save as BMP atau PNG atau GIF, lepas tuh bukak balik save as JPEG plak..lepas tuh bandingkan dedua gambar td…hehe

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