File Extension WPD

File extension WPD can be quite tricky sometimes. The WPD file extension sometimes are used as the extension to save audio files by a program called Saw Studio, but commonly used as a file extension for word processing document by Corel Word Pecfect. Corel Word Perfect are very famous in the early days of computers before it was dominated by Microsoft Word which uses .doc file extension. The reason why it was famous because Corel Word Perfect can be used on multi platform operating system like Linux, Mac OS, BSD and Atari. In earlier version of Corel Word Perfect, the other extensions used are .wp, .wp7, .wp6, .wp5, .wp4, and in the early days, it doesn’t use any extension at all.


Where File Extension WPD is used ?

WPD file extension are used widely in Corel Word Perfect and other word processing program since it was de facto standard in the early days before the domination of Microsoft Office. In Saw Studio, it was used to save files containing wave audio format.

Which Application Needed To Open File Extension WPD ?

WPD file extension can be opened using various word processing application such as Corel Word Perfect, Microsoft Office, Star Office and Open Office. For audio based WPD files, it can only be opened with Saw Studio application.

How to differentiate File Extension WPD ?

It’s quite tricky to differentiate between the word processing WPD document and audio file WPD extension. The simplest way to do this is to look into the file name and the location of the file. If  it’s in the same folder as other audio files like .mp3 and .wav, most likely it’s an audio file, otherwise it’s usually word processing file. You can also try to open the file using word processing applications and if it opens fine, then it’s a document file. Another way is to look at the size of the file. Usually raw audio files are very large which is more than 10 MB depending on the length of the audio itself.