Fist task for blog contest

It’s about time when samdaddycool asked the update for the blog contest. The first task is so simple! The first task is about Twitter. Twitter is a great micro blogging tool and I have to admit, it’s more popular than Plurk. I like Plurk more for interacting with my friends but I can’t deny the power of Twitter! So below is the tasks for Twitter that you need to do :


1. Follow me on twitter – gets 1 point

2. Send me a direct message on twitter – gets 1 point

3. Those already following me just need to send me a message on twitter – gets 3 point ( 1 point bonus for already following me!)

4. Copy and retweet the blog contest at twitter – gets another 2 points !

@life4hire Join and participate in the blog contest. Prizes worth more than USD120 to be won @

And that’s all for the first task of the contest. I will be out of town for this weekend and will update the points next week. Hopefully, I can meet knizam at Kuala Kangsar later…hehe…