Funny blonde jokes for your Monday

People, close your eyes and imagine this. It’s Sunday night and tomorrow is already Monday as we all know, the start of a new week. How lazy we are to start Monday morning with the imagination of the good times we had over the weekend and how much work waiting for us on Mondays. I just hate to start my Monday morning since I know all the work that is waiting for me. So I need to find something to cheer me up and take my mind off things for a while. The best way and the simplest way (and also free) is to find rude blonde jokes online.


People say laughter is the best medicine. I find that so true. When I read jokes online, seems like my mind just takes off from my worries and I’m in the best of mood. Generally all jokes can make me laugh if it’s funny enough. I’m always think myself as a person who loves to make other people laugh and also someone with a sense of humor. It’s just sometimes when I read about gross blonde jokes, it’s just too gross, I can’t really see the humor part of the jokes.

During my MIRC years, we have like Yo Mama jokes. It goes like “Yo Mama is , that’s why your mama ”. Sometimes it can be quite offensive, seriously. From what I can see, blonde quotes are popular now and I don’t know why the people always think that blondes are dumb. If you’re looking for an example on how dumb blonde jokes can be, you can check out sick blonde jokes.

Okay guys, enough reading jokes. You have a lot of work waiting for you on your desk. Get your ass up and work before your boss caught you reading the blonde jokes.