Looking for a car review website?

I’m a fan of Top Gear and for you guys who never heard of it, Top Gear is top British TV program which focuses on CAR REVIEWS, test drive them and inviting celebrities to set a track record on their own race track as well as a few F1 drivers. Celebrities like Simon Cowell, James Blunt, Les Ferdinand, Mark Wahlberg, Luis Hamilton has proved their lap times on Top Gear. Apart from the super car reviews and test drives, I love how they make the shows fun and entertaining with their jokes. The problem with Top Gear, it’s a TV program and it usually focus on the super and expensive cars that I can’t afford, so I can’t simply search the reviews on the car that I want.


I found a website that is focusing on the Car Reviews. The Car Shop Megastore is actually an online used car supermarket. It’s not just an online store but it also has a registered address for the office in Northampton, United Kingdom. The website is very neat, clean interface, ease of navigation, simple layout with no unnecessary flash applications or advertisements. You can search whatever car you want and it will give you informations like the price of the car, the location of the car, the details and specifications, lots of pictures of the actual vehicle from a lot of angles and the option to contact them for further inquiries But that’s not the best part of the website.


The best part of the website is I can get a car review that I want and there are lots of reviews on the website including Malaysian made cars like Perodua and Proton cars. I am a Proton Gen-2 owner myself. I tried to look the review on the website and there is one. I took my time to read the review published on the website and all that I can say it’s just a straight and honest review and opinion on the car itself. I definitely agree with the review and has the same problem with my car as mentioned on the website. There are a lot of other car reviews the website that you can check out. I made a few random picks and it’s very worth to read. They will cover on the car review itself, comparison with other cars of the same type, the running cost for the car and as well as what do you have to look for if you decided to buy that car.

If you’re thinking to buy a new car, you should check the website out. With the large number of reviews, you might find the one that suits you the best. :eek: