Medicare for your later years

This might be out of line a little bit but something got me thinking. I was just walking by the road and saw an old man or usually we called them senior citizen laying around at a corridor of a building, maybe a homeless guy perhaps. I sat at a nearby bench and watched him in silence. He suddenly rose from his position and coughing so hard, so hard that made me think his lung would fall out. His condition didn’t look so good. What will happen to his life? He’s homeless, he has no one to depend on and he has no money for food or medical aid.

That’s what got me thinking about medicare supplemental plans. I’m working with a multinational company at the moment and I have my health insurance as well as hospital bills covered by my company through another medical company which specializes in employee health benefits. What about when I’m no longer with the company. These days, we can’t be too sure about it. Some people got laid off just like that. That’s what make me worried.


I looked into some potential health care just in case I need one in the future and I found a quite famous one called Medicare. Medicare offers a range of heath plans that is range of A, B, C and D. There are many others out there that you can find but I’m going to talk about Medicare plans for example.

People usually enroll in medicare part B. Medicare part A only covers inpatient hospital fees and nursing fees as well as some home heath care if you’re diagnosed with terminal diseases or cancer. Medicare part B covers some parts of plan A as well including the coverage for doctors’ fees and consultation. It’s much better than part A because what makes hospital bill high is the charge for doctor’s consult and checkups.


Then, there’s type C where it combines both part A and B and it’s only offered by Medicare-approved private insurance companies. Then there’s medicare part D which covers all the drugs and prescriptions issued by the doctors and  any medical practitioners. That’s the brief of Medicare health plans.

So take my advice guys. Plan for your future. Don’t take things for granted. You try to keep living a healthy life with diets and exercises but when the time you least expect it, bad things will happen. So take a step ahead for your future and hopefully, everything you do will not go to waste!