Minor change to the first task of blog contest

Some minor update the the first task blog contest. You can refer to the first task at this post. The change is there’s no point for the people following me on twitter. You only get points when you:

– Send me a direct message on twitter – 2 points

life4hire : I want to join your blog contest !

– Copy and retweet the blog contest at twitter – 2 points

@life4hire Join and participate in the blog contest. Prizes worth more than USD120 to be won @ http://xr.com/whk

Below is the latest points for the blog contest.

topotato – 2 points
nikillas – 2 points
ahmike89 – 2 points
pge46 @ killvearn – 4 points

For those who following me, I have followed you all back. There are some people asking me on how to send direct message to the user on twiiter, i will be making a tutorial for it. Stay tuned. Invite more people to join the blog contest !