My dream New York vacation

I believe that I’m a hardworking person and very committed to my job. My proof is very simple. I have an allocation of 21 vacation days every year and I still have a balance of 14 days from my last year’s allocation. Furthermore, with a small team of people, it’s hard to take any leaves when another person is already on holiday. Sometimes, when there’s too much work, we need to cancel our vacation planning and concentrate on the work that’s on the way. As troublesome as it is, I still love my job but sometimes I think I really need to get away from all the workloads and clear my mind off things, go somewhere far away to rest my mind, maybe something like getting holidays new york.


Getting a new york city breaks is not as simple as it sounds. It’s far away from Malaysia and I heard the visa for visits to America is quite hard to get these days. That’s the same reason I was denied the opportunity to have my job training in Houston, Texas. Still, New York is a definitely a place to visit some day. What’s in New York City that might be interesting to go? Well, first of all, we have the Times Square where there are more than 45 Broadway theaters with annual ticket sales of half a billion US dollars.


Then we have the famous World Trade Center or known as ground zero these days. We can visit what’s left on the building that once was one of the tallest twin towers in the world after the 9/11 incident. Next will be the Madison Square Garden which usually holds concerts, WWE matches and of course the NBA basketball tournament every season. There’s no need to worry about accommodation in New York City since there are a lot of cheap hotels in New York, the famous New York restaurants and as long as you can converse well in English, you should be fine there. This makes me wanting new york breaks even more!

I wish I can go to New York one day as hopefully as soon as possible. If I wasn’t able to do so soon, then maybe I keep New York City as my honeymoon destination in the future. So New York, wait for my visit!:grin: