My hosting : To stay or to migrate

I’ve been taking some time to take a decision on this. Should I migrate or not? With the current economic situation, it’s not really good to migrate but since I have a lot of problem to deal, on the second thought maybe I should migrate. Migration will take some money out of your pocket and I wonder if I have all money to cover the cost. No, I’m not talking about migrating to other places for work, I’m talking about migrating my web hosting of course!


It’s nearly a year now since I bought this domain along with the hosting package. The time to renew the webhosting fees will come soon and I need to make a decision whether I want to stay with the current hosting or move to another hosting. I’m puzzled at the moment, seriously. I don’t want to take all the trouble to move my files to another hosting and update the DNS and stuff, but I think if I want to move forward, it’s better to migrate my files to another webhosting. I don’t really mind with an hour downtime each month but I can’t afford a few hours or days of downtime. Although I’m not running any critical web application on the hosting but still more downtime means less visitors. Less visitors can lead to more reasons to migrate. Hmmmm….

A serious online marketeer can get a VPS webhosting but it’s quite expensive plus I’m not an online marketeer. At the moment, I’m just a serious blogger. I guess I need to make a list of web hosting rating sites and get some feedback from other bloggers on the best webhosting out there. What do you think guys? Do you have any difficulties to reach my blog sometimes? If you think I should migrate to another hosting, just let me know. I need to renew my hosting soon so it’s better to migrate soon than to pay double for 2 hostings in the future!