My signs wishlist confession

I admit I have weird obsession and strange collection of things. I mentioned in my previous post on how I love to stare at people’s feet and check out the shoes that they wore when I was at the mall or shopping complex. Now I’m going to reveal another weird obsession of mine and I made this into my lifetime wishlist meaning there’s no specific time I will get it but as long as I can get it, I’m satisfied with it!


One of my lifetime wishlist is the Exit Sign. Exit sign is the type of sign that glows in the dark or will light up when the electricity goes out. It’s the one that you can see at the emergency exit doors or the emergency staircase in case the lifts broken or can’t be used. The exit signs is useful during the time of fire cases and emergency evacuation.

I found a website that sells the exit signs online and it’s a wide collection of them too. There are Exits Signs that can glow for 10-20 years without any external power, illuminated exit signs, vandal proof exit signs, exits signs with LED lightings and there’s even a braille exit signs. I never heard of braille exit signs but apparently they exist. The price is quite expensive for my personal collection but I will try to save and make it as a reality. :smile:

Apart from the exit signs, there is another sign that is in my wishlist and it’s top of my signs wish list. I don’t think I will get this anywhere without special order from the manufacturer themselves but I don’t even know where to find one. If somebody knows about the manufacturer or where I can get a custom design of it, let me know. Last but not least, this is the sign that I really wanted, it’s a road sign actually. Here’s a sample of it.


  • serius pelik wishlish ko… 😯
    apepun, semoga menjadi realiti… 🙂

  • tak kasik tau awal awal..
    kalau tak mase renovation kat opis aku hari tuh
    boleh le aku rembat satu..
    sekarang mende ni aku dah lekat kat exit emergency.

    tapi hang nak buat ape dengan mende alah ni?
    kompius gak aku.. hahaa…
    kalau rajin bebaik dengan construction punye
    orang boleh dapat mende alah ni free je beb~

    Azman Ishak’s last blog post..Aku, Nandos & Motor…

    • |1f34|-|1r3

      waaaaa…aku nak satu beb…aku suka kumpul benda pelik2..wlpn takde pelik sangat..hehe

  • Dulu masa kat Uni aku ngan kawan2 aku keja gila suka rembat kon kat jalan tu kalau ada construction. Siap kumpul 2,3 kat depan apartment kitorg 🙂

    kruel74’s last blog post..Ivy League weekend

    • member aku ade rembat batu nisan kat kubur..
      gile betol..
      nasib baik xde pape jadi.. 😐

      • |1f34|-|1r3

        aku tak sanggup duh !!!!!

    • |1f34|-|1r3

      haha…tuh pon aku nak gak…tp aku ada spesifik punya..aku nak yg ada tulis polis punya..yg bleh lipat..hehe