Second task for blog contest

After the first round of the contest, seems like a few people have managed to get the most points. Remember, the points will be converted to tickets for the random winner pick and there’s also a bonus prize waiting for the contestant. Here’s the second task for the contest.

Write a blog post to spread the news about this contest. You can write in Malay or English and must link back to this entry and another link must be linked to the blog main page. Tell me why you wanted so much to win the contest. After you have written the blog post, comment here to let me know that you have completed the task. As easy as that !

5 points will be given to the blog post, no matter how long it will be, even a fews words mentioning about the contest and why you want to win it. Extra points will be given upon other aspects of the blog post like how well they write the blog post, images, videos and how I think the blog post is effective in spreading the words.

I will make a sticky blog post to update the latest point in my blog, so stay tune for it!