Server monitoring for web applications

My job is to manage and troubleshoot firewall problems. The monitoring part is done by another group of team. In short, one team will monitor the firewall for problems using the monitored security systems or system monitoring utilities. They will be the first point of contact for the customers if they have a problem with the firewall and the team will check and verify the status. If they can’t resolve it, they will escalate the ticket to me to troubleshooting and resolve the problem. System monitoring service is a must for corporations running with a lot of servers, web servers and other network devices since everything is important for the customers. Systems management will play the most important role in getting everything in order.


This is why Systems Monitoring like Hyperic HQ will save your time and make sure you will adhere to your service level agreement. Hyperic HQ will be able to monitor your network, servers, software services and web applications on the go. It’s the only complete system that you will ever have to fullfill all your corporation needs. Hyperic is platform independent and it can monitor a lot of other platforms and operating systems too such as Solaris, Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, HP/UX and AIX. This is just perfect for my firewalls because I have Checkpoint firewalls that are running on Solaris, Nokia, Linux but sadly no firewalls running on Windows. Please do not ask why! :mrgreen:

I can get you a lot of screenshots for the Server Management but it’s really preferable if you take a look at the website yourself. There are a lot of interesting points that you will learn about the product itself. They also have a blog in case you want to get to know more about the product. If you’re still unsure on the system itself, you can request for a free demo instead of testing it in your corporation. What about me? I’m going straight to the lab to install and test the software myself. Hopefully, consolidating the system with our ticketing system will be smooth !

  • This is a good software. Sadly it not free. Hey, did you know how to configure cacti? I can install it but i cannot find way how to configure it since the graph not appear. I dont know what went wrong.

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    • Dapat trace problem dia, cron job pooler cache tak jalan rupanya.

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        sorry lambat reply beb…skang ni dah ok ke? aku tak pernah install mrtg dulu benda plg payah nak cari snmp nyer MIB jer…yg lain agak straight forward…