Unique belt buckles for you

I’m a fan of Fox Network TV series titled Bones. The leading character is David Boreanaz as FBI Agent Seeley Booth and Emily Deschanel as Temperance Brennan or Agent Booth loves to call Bones. The main story revolves around FBI solving complex murder cases with the help of Brennan as the anthropology expert to identify and get clues about a murder cases from the forensics. This is a very nice show for the people who wants to get out from the Crime Scene Investigation series. Anyway, back to the point, I always love Booth’s belt buckles. He wears an engraved belt buckle with the wording “Cocky”. Here’s a scene of Booth wearing the belt buckle.


Ops, I guess it’s not really noticeable right. Here’s a closer look on the belt buckle.


So as usual, I fired up my firefox and look for the cocky belt buckle to buy it online. After unsuccessful attempt at Ebay, I tried googling and found this great site. Hot Buckles offered a wide range of belt buckles, belts, sun glasses, cuff links, bracelets and other personal accessories on their online store. The items are sorted nicely in the related categories and you can easily browse the items through the links at left. The layout is simple and efficient. If you can’t find the items by browsing the categories or too lazy to look one by one, you can just use the search option to find your item. The belt buckle designs are really unique and impressive. I don’t think you can find any of the belt buckles sold there in the local stores.

Another set of item that really caught my eyes is the ed hardy jewelry. It consists of necklace, chains, ear rings, clothings and others designed and produced by Don Ed Hardy. This line of fashion is really famous among the celebrities and it has only 8 stores around the world so far. The designs are very limited and they’re not producing a large scale of the items so it’s a privilege to find and own one of them. If you’re in doubt, you can check out the customer testimonials on the website too to see if it’s fake or a genuine product.

I’m thinking of getting a set of harley davidson belt buckle although I don’t own any Harley Davidson motorcycles at the moment. Who knows in the future I might have one so I have one less item to think about and to buy. All that’s left are a pair black sun glasses, black jackets and leather pants, gloves and of course, a Harley Davidson bike!