Accepting credit card to boost online sales

A few years ago, I always believe that selling on internet is the way to go and I still do now. I’m not saying that selling offline is not profitable but let’s face the fact that the cost of opening store offline is much more than opening a store online. Furthermore, the target audience is smaller than online and you’ll get stiffer competition on the products you’re selling unless your product is really unique. Most online web stores have one problem in common, they can’t accept credit card processing for purchases and this surely limits their ability to rake a lot of profits.


Usually, people who are beginners to online shopping doesn’t know what google checkout or paypal is. They’re just like normal people who shops offline with cash and credit cards. Obviously, we can take the cash factor out when shopping online. Imagine that this type of people went to the internet to find something and they found your store. Your item is just what they are looking for but they don’t have paypal or other online currencies to buy the item. This is where the credit card processing option comes in. Do you ever wonder, how many sales you might have missed if you don’t have this kind of credit card service?

This is where Merchant Acceptance can help you. With their superior track records in credit card processing services, you can seamlessly and easily integrate the option to buy with credit cards in your online store. There are 3 ways to achieve this as offered by them through Global Gateway Virtual Terminal, Global Gateway Connect and Global Gateway API. You can choose between three or all three for your online business. The most important thing is now you can accept various types of credit cards and debit cards issued by Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners, Discover Network or any other bank credit card. The registration and approval took 24 hours or less so it will get your started soon enough after the application.