Artificial fake trees for sale?

I was looking stuff to sell and buy as usual on ebay. Although I don’t really active in selling or buying but occasionally I do some shopping online. And while looking across the stuff in ebay, I came across some products on artificial trees. I know that it’s not really a big thing or a Nobel price breakthrough, but what surprises me is how high the price is in ebay!


I have a friend that is crazy for bonsais. Well, for me that’s not a very shocking news because I know a lot of people love to bonsai trees. Even in the old Chinese empire, they keep doing bonsai for hobbies and filling their spare times. Yeah, I know. You’ll probably just say that they don’t have internet or video games, so they opted for bonsai instead.

For instance, I saw this one item called silk plants. The starting price was 99 cents and you know what is the final price for it? It’s USD99 and the price still doesn’t include the shipping cost. How far the people would go for the artificial plants? Well, frankly I don’t really know but what I know, some people are crazy enough for artificial flowers and plants just to make their garden looks great!

If I were to have my own home and garden, I will leave the decision to my wife for the arrangements. I want my garden filled with lots of plants, flowers and a medium sized pond for the fish. For the interior design and decorations, I think I will get some silk flowers for the living room. I was opting for it since I’m afraid that real flowers will die because of lack of sunshine and artificial flowers don’t. Another great thing with artificial flowers is you don’t have to really give your time for arranging or care for it because it’s not alive !