Caring for the disabled people

When I talked on my exit sign wishlist in my last blog post, I have a lot of reaction from others. There are some people who loves to collect road cones for collection, others share the same wishlist for the emergency lights and some would go to the extreme like collecting other grave markers though I don’t really love the idea of that. Anyway, people have used their imagination in getting their own wishlist. It got me thinking about people who are less fortunate and disabled like the handicapped person or blind people. What are their wishes or needs that is around us that can be fullfilled ?

For instance in my emergency exit sign wishlist, how the blind people can make use of it if there’s no one around to help them to get out from a building in case there’s an emergency? Stuff like emergency lighting is almost useless for them since they’re blind and it would be almost impossible for them without guidance. What about basic needs like the toilets, prayer rooms, stair and how do they differentiate between emergency exit route and a normal exit route?


Luckily, there’s some companies that are so thoughtful into this issue and came out with a product like braille exit signs. Although this seems like a small thing for normal people like us, but I can’t imagine how they feel appreciated for not being left behind. I don’t know if you share the same opinion with me but I think this is really thoughtful and the government should take a step in getting the public offices and places equipped with braille exit signs in order to help people with disabilities. So guys, I strongly urge if you have a power in decision making for installing this kind of stuff in your offices, please do. You’ll never know when you might need it !