Elderly medical alert could save life

I talked about the GPS function and how it can track people wherever they are. I was thinking of developing a device that could help people to track their loved ones and make sure they are getting help whenever they need it. Seems like there’s already a company running the device for elderly medical alert although I don’t really know how they implement and making it works, but the concept is the same as mine. The device is called Life Alert.


This tiny device will be worn by the people that we care the most like for instance, our elderly mom and dad or maybe our grand parents. The device has  a big panic button and it’s so small, it can be worn on the neck like a necklace. Every device is hooked up to a monitoring system managed by the people at the call centers. The call center people will check up on you if there’s any medical emergency and will call the appropriate authorities and emergency support depending on the problem faced by the device bearer.

The call center will keep a routine of your days and will check up on you if you did break any cycle of the routine just in case you have some problem on your end. The device will also function as a no activity alert to the call center. For instance, you will be getting a call if you don’t wake up at your specific time of the day as requested or you didn’t go out to the lawn to get your daily newspapers. It also functions as a fall detector. In this case, if the device detects your tripped or fell to the ground, the device will automatically detects the flooring and will automatically notify the call center. After that, the call center will call you back to check on you and dispatch medical help immediately. Other functions of the device are like medical alert monitor, intruder alarm, personal reminder and can be used to answer the phone remotely.

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that there’s already Life Alert at the moment. I’m sad because it just ruined my idea for a business opportunity but at the same time, I was happy that it can help many people at the time. I don’t know when will I be able to make such device anyway so I think it’s a great thing we already have something now rather than later !