Experiencing Caribbean Cruises

I am very keen to travel and going places although I’m not a frequent traveler myself. I have to admit, I never went outside of the country. The furthest I have went is to Sarawak for a university trip. Lame is it? Anyway, I’m planning to do a lot of traveling in the future just my time doesn’t permit me just yet. Aside from traveling, there’s another thing that I would like to try in the future which is getting cruise holidays.


When we talk about cruises, I must imagine everyone is thinking about the large ship sailing across the seas. The ship will be equipped with hotels, a big pool, casino and entertainment spots, bars, gymnasium and all other facilities for the passengers and the crews. But have you ever heard of river cruises ? In fact, it’s just like the sea cruises, the only difference is it cruises along famous rivers around the world. Destinations such as Danube River in Europe, Douro River in Portugal, Rhine River in Germany, Venitien Lagoon in Italy and other famous rivers.

One of the cruises that I’m really interested is the nile cruise which is in Egypt. Well, as we all knew, Egypt is one of the oldest civilization in the world and there are so many historic places which has been discovered and still yet to be discovered. Apart from the cruise along the Nile River, we can go to the famous Egyptian Museum, Aswan Dam which is one of the most beautiful river city in Egypt, the Pyramids and the Sphinx, the Temple of Kom Ombo and many other interesting places. The only drawback that I will be expecting from the Egypt is the day is so hot and the nights are so cold which is not really good for someone who really doesn’t have the strength to adapt to the climate.