Finalize blog contest points

Hi guys, this is going be a short post (I hope). I’m going to divide it into 2 sections. One section is for blog task and another section is for the other 2 tasks.

For twitter & RSS task, below is the points:

5 points

topotato, killvearn, MK, abdusfauzi, azwanhadree, samdaddycool, syedsafwan, blowie & nikillas

3 points

ahmike89 & kristenol

For blog sections, extra marks are given by Callister. Below are the points:

7 points for Topo on  the long and entertaining post

Read it at : mencari software percuma bersama topo…

7 points for killvearn on the long posts and the extra tweets

Read it at : Win USD120 From Life4Hire!!

8 points for MK for the video and the sad face !

Read it at : Vlog

7 points for Azwan Hadzree (not sure why Callister gave 2 extra points)

Read it at : Melayu Boleh! Masuk Contest Lain Pulak

6 points for Samdaddycool (congrats on the Power Seller status)

Read it at : Contest from |1f34|-|1r3

6 points for Syed Safwan

Read it at : Menangi 120USD Dari Life4Hire

9 points for Abdus Fauzi (thanks for the wallpaper, using it for my laptop now!)

Read it at :Menangi 120USD Dari Life4Hire

If you guys think the points are incorrect except for the blog post points, let me know so that I can modify it. I will make the draw tonight around 11 PM. So stay tuned ! :grin: