For the love of the Mustang !

Continuing from last post where I gave some tips on how to get the best out of second hand cars, I was searching around the net for other tips and other nice website for used cars. I have to admit that I love Ford Mustang whether it’s the old Ford Mustang or the new Ford Mustang which is very expensive for me. It was featured in the new Knight Rider TV series if you ever watched that. From there, I stumbled upon Ford Sussex.


So what is Ford Sussex ? Is it a new car model or a new pick up truck from Ford? Well, if you think like that then you are wrong. Ford Sussex is a comprehensive website of new and used cars for a car dealer called Lifestyle Group based in Sussex, England. They are specialized in Ford and other big car brands like Subaru, Mazda, Renault and Isuzu. If you want to look for a nice and established company dealing with new and used cars, this is something that you must look for. Compare Ford Sussex website with others and you know what I mean.


If you take a look at the Ford Sussex website, in glance you’ll just know how professional they are based on the website. The design is great, the navigation is easy and there interactivity elements in their website. You can search for your cars whether it’s new cars or used cars, there’s a dealer locator which makes it easy for you to check their nearest location, online customer care and the option to contact them. Apart from that there’s also promotion and offers, after sales service, financing information and the part where you can order a test drive directly from the website. Oh, and they also have their own facebook, blog and twitter account. I’ve never seen a car company who has their own twitter account, have you?

Anyway, my point is, you should take Ford Sussex website as a baseline for you to deal with or to look for other alternatives. If they can’t exceed or can’t even be inline with them, just forget it!