How to make money online from blogging jobs

There are many ways to Make Money Online and there are much more ways that you can lose your money online. The most important thing here is you know the right way to make money online instead of losing them. There are many scammers lurking on the internet for honest people seeking money online. There are also many people that so called internet guru who just reproduce cheap stuff or translating others’ work and claimed it was their product and use fake or edited screenshots of their income to fool people. Although the steps are right, it was really unethical to do that.


The easiest way to make money online is by getting Blogging Jobs. This is often called paid reviews, paid posts or sponsored review. No matter what they call it, it’s one of the many ways to make money online. This is usually good for people with an English blog with an at least PR of 3. However, there’s nothing definite. Some people with lower PR and with non English blog can still make money from blogging jobs provided they have a decent amount of visitors to their site. They can promote a product for a company to their readers and the company will pay them accordingly. Although this could work, but it’s harder because  you need to find the advertiser yourself.

Some people like Rohaizad is blogging for income. They are what we called a full time blogger or professional blogger or pro blogger for short. I know Rohaizad gets a decent income every month from blogging only and a few more from affiliates and private advertising on his blogs. There are other pro bloggers around the world who are really famous like John Chow. Now who says blogging can’t make money? I’m also making money from blogging but I think I’m not going to reveal it here. Maybe in my new blog. Who knows?