How to trace phone number

Sometimes when I get back to my home from work, all I want to do is just sleep. When I sleep, I tend to silent my mobile phone to avoid any distraction for my sleep and usually when I woke up, I will have a few short messaging service (SMS) or a few missed phone calls. I don’t really have a problem with numbers that I know because I can call them back but sometimes there are phone numbers that are new to me especially when my colleagues from Houston or London was calling me. So how do it Trace That Phone Number ?


One way to do it is by using Yellow Pages for local numbers. Yellow Pages are the local phone directory for every places and we have one in Malaysia too. Another way to check for the numbers are using my corporate directory where it lists all contact numbers for the people who’s working in the company as well as their addresses and email addresses. However, I need to be in the office to do that? So how am I going to Trace That Number when I’m at home?

So, here’s what I do. I just use the Free Phone Lookup service. Although it’s not very detailed for the free search, but at least I have a general idea on the location of the caller. Usually my colleagues are located in Houston, Texas in America. There are others all over the world but usually I never deal with them directly through phone and more to using emails. Hopefully, the service will be expanded to other countries soon because it’s really helpful for me and for other people.