Looking for discount shoes online?

Some of my close friends will know my obsession for shoes and some of my blog readers do as I once posted about it on the blog. I just love looking at shoes that people wear and admire the craftsmanship of the shoes. Being a shoe lover and a sportsman (I would love to think I’m one of them although I don’t have much time to do sports nowadays), I have a few athletic shoes for daily wearings especially basketball shoes and some sneakers for weekend outings.


I don’t really care about the brand of the shoes but I have to admit that I have a lot of Nike and Adidas shoes. Some of them are already worn off from regular usage and some are still look like a brand new since I was too admiring them, I save them for the best occasions. Collecting shoes might be an expensive hobby for some people but I don’t think women ever look at it as an expensive hobby. I looked at my girlfriend and wonders how many shoes she has to wear, I can say it easily can triple my shoes in total.

Most people just go to their local shoe store or any mall to get a shoe. Well, I usually do it online. The best thing about shoes, they are not like shirts or trousers where the size advertised might not fit you. Shoe sizes are really accurate and you can fit in just fine with some stockings. Ebay might a good place to start looking for shoes but I hate it because they are so many counterfeiters out there selling fake branded shoes made in China. If you’re looking for a discount shoes that are guaranteed authentic with a lot of choices from the manufacturers, you should check out ShoeBacca. Apart from the cheapest shoes you might find online, they also offer free delivery for certain part of the world. Yes, they do ship internationally. Cheap branded shoes with free delivery, what more can you ask? Free socks maybe?