Make money with blogging

There are a lot of ways for making money from the internet. And this is not really a detailed post on how to make money from internet but nevertheless, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, if you know what I mean. Internet is a wide world of opportunities and let this post be one of the window of the opportunities.

One way to make money from internet is through paid posts or sometimes called sponsored review. Blog Advertising is a very popular method these days to market a product or a service. There’s always supply and demand on the internet. Although the world is having world economy crisis but I can see lower impact on the internet. I’m not an expert but I can see that people are still earning as much as they were earning before the world economy crisis.

Buy blog reviews is on of the service that offers blog advertising. If you have an English blog with a PR preferably, you can always make money from it. Here’s a screenshot of such payments from them.


Click the picture for bigger view. Don’t laugh at USD 0.70. I know it’s not much but they do pay! That the most important thing. There’s a lot of scammers on the internet so you need to beware. So guys, if you want to join and start earning, you can register here.