MiOS : A new OS soon to be unleashed

Mios is a new operating system developed by VertiCorp aimed to be a new OS for the new age. With the emergence of new laptop standards like netbook, miOS are aimed to be the number 1 operating system used on the netbook and much more powerful laptop or desktop PC. The development for miOS is currently progressing rapidly to meet the deadline for beta testers on 1st of August 2009.


Based on the Linux kernel distribution, miOS is equipped with a sleek and cool design Gnome desktop. As the current stand, miOS will be distributed free of charge on the beta release date and users have the option to upgrade to a premium user which will enjoy unlimited support, access to the 1 Click Software Library with reviews from other users on the softwares, free updates for a lifetime and much more for just $39.99. For upgrade to newer version of miOS will cost only $9.99 which is very cheap for an operating system. The first beta release dubbed as miOS 0.9 will be on a live installable CD which includes Open Office, Songbird, Exaile music player, Firefox, Inkscape, default mp3 support and much more useful software and games. An installable live CD means you can run the OS straight from booting it on the computer start and doesn’t have to install anything and if you love it, you can install it later.

Although it’s not released yet, VertiCorp has been kind enough to put some miOS screenshots on their website. My first impression is WOW!. For a default Linux installation to look like that, that will be awesome. Notice the cube effect is already activated by default and from my experience, the effect on Linux is much more cooler than Windows. Apart from that, there are a few other development ran by VertiCorp to expand miOS to specific usage like miServer for linux dedicated servers, miOS Netbook Distro which optimized for netbooks and miMobile for smart phone operating system. How cool is that? Could VertiCorp be the next Google with miOS? My suggestion is, bookmark the website now and subscribe the RSS for VertiCorp’s blog and we might be the witness to a new empire in the making!