Planning a company function

This year my boss handled me a very difficult task. I was asked to plan an outing for the whole team this year. We do this annually and this year, it is my duty to make it happen. Of course I’m not alone in this task but suffice to say, I will lead the team who manages the event this year. I’m determined to make it the most happening event this year. Last year it was help in Sunway Lagoon and it was boring. Sorry guys but I felt like I’m back to kindergarten at the event. So as usual, what I do is to research online and getting an online event planning to gather some ideas. I found a good resource at  a website called Los Angeles Event Planning.


My mission is to hold an event that will include everyone from the company and their family as well. I don’t want to miss everyone out. This is exactly what Los Angeles Company Picnic is all about. This is an example of a professional event planning companies out there. They are very experience in handling corporate event planning and marketing event planning. They aimed to get everyone involved in every single game and activities held without exception, not only just the kids. From what I can see, the activities listed is aimed for team building which is a good thing. We don’t just want to have fun but still have some benefits from it too. They provide the foods which cooked on site so we’ll know what it’s fresh and not frozen overnight and reheated back the next day. Not only that, they also provide a professional DJ to host the event along with the complete boom box, PA system and the loud speakers.

If you want some proof, you can take a look at Orange County Company Picnic. Do you see how happy there are. I wish I can make my event this year as a unforgotten one and will be on the lips of everyone till the end of the year. By then, hopefully I’m successful in this mounting task!