Pool tournament is here again !

Since I’m with my current company, we had a lot of activities planned out each year for team building. It’s a big multinational company and with different departments with so many people working remotely and separately. By planning out activities such as sports tournament annually, we can close the gaps and getting know old and new friends. One that I’m always keen of (and have a shot at winning) is the pool tournament. Every year, they will give out like RM200 worth of Isetan voucher  and  a mcdermott pool cue for the winner ! The best placing I got is 2nd place for the doubles category. Singles is so damn hard because there are a lot of good players to beat.


The venue of the tournament is usually at a pool bar somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. This year, the venue is at The Mines shopping center. Since it’s a public pool bar, so I don’t really expect the pool tables are in a really top condition but what I’m really worried about is the pool cues. Usually, it’s under really bad condition and apart from the table needs to be in top condition, the pool cue needs to be in a good shape too. Usually, the cues will decide the outcome of the game. If you really a skilled player, you will know that bad pool cues will make you fail to hit the balls properly or will affect how the balls are placed after you hit the balls.

Good cues are usually straight, doesn’t have any cracks on the wood, unused tips and one way to test it is by laying the pool cue on the table. Make sure the tip and the butt lies flat on the table. With your palm, gently roll the cue and see if the tip comes of the table or not. If it doesn’t, that means the cue is straight and if it does, that means the cue has some defect and it will make your game miserable. Damaged cues will make you failed to hit the ball straight. If I have the chance to select between pool cues and snooker cues, I will definitely pick a snooker cue. Although it doesn’t has much difference except for the tip, but I really feel comfortable with snooker cues. Maybe it’s because I played snooker long before I played pool. :lol: