Psychedelic Art, UV Backdrops And Clubwears

Do you ever heard of psychedelic arts? Well, to be honest, this is the first time I ever heard of it but if you’re a raver or a frequent club and bar patrons, you might heard of this term. Or maybe you are a frequent party people or concert manias. Anyway, for those who doesn’t who, psychedelic art is an art inspired by a mind that is under the influence of drugs such as LSD, ecstasy, mescaline and other or influenced by alcohol substances. This is a state of mind which is termed psychedelic experience.

Psychedelic Art is a new form that some artists used these days to express themselves. Psychedelic arts are often used as backdrops in clubs or concerts, concert posters, psychedelic art posters and flyers, album covers, comics, underground newspapers, music magazines and others. Some people might have come across this type of art but they didn’t realize it’s a psychedelic art. Here’s an example of a psychedelic art.


Psychedelic arts also used in backdrops in concerts and clubs. UV Backdrops are usually found in clubs especially in rave and trance clubs. What’s so special with these UV backdrops? Psychedelic artwork which converted into UV backdrops are often said will come alive when it’s under the ultra violet (UV) lights. I have never seen any UV backdrops in my life in any clubs here in Malaysia but in the United States, these are the trends these days. I wish I can see one and want to fell how the backdrops go to life!

Apart from backdrops, another place where psychedelic artworks are often used are t-shirt. Usually, these T-shirts are for clubbers, ravers and trance people. This is by far the widest and the biggest translated form of psychedelic arts. Psy-Trance Clubwear is an example of psychedelic art based t-shirts and apparels. I can’t see any resemblance for party people in Malaysia with trance music lovers in other places except for the type of music they listen to. Here, I can see that they dress normally except for some people who obviously lived outside of Malaysia before. In the countries like USA or United Kingdom, these type of clubwears are really famous and it’s a must for trance music lovers and ravers. Maybe it’s because we don’t have anything designers or apparel labels who manufacture this kind of clubwears for domestic purposes. I wonder if I can make a lot of money selling this on Ebay ! :grin: