Should I Hire Home Removal Services ?

On my last post, I was talking about my plan moving out of my current house. Frankly, looking at my stuffs in the room, all my clothes in my wardrobe, my computers, my home decorations and my collection of posters, somehow I feel tired just to think about it. How many days will I be sacrificing to pack all of them into boxes and labeling them before I move it to another location. That’s just the beginning and in the end, I have to unpack all of them and arrange them all back to the new room. This makes me thinking, whether it would be better for me to get a removal company and hire them to do all the removals ?


I managed to talk to my boss yesterday and asked his opinion when he came to the country for the first time. He told me that it was a lot of work that needs to be done if they did it by himself. That’s why he hired an international removals company. He said that he just need to call them and query about the prices for all the stuff that he wants to take from Houston to here, set an appointment and basically that’s it. The removals company will send their guys on the agreed time and they will do all the packing, boxing, handling and arrange the shipping too. All we need to do is watch them do their work, instruct them on grouping the items and look after the valuable stuffs so that we can be assured that everything is secured.

The same case when my office relocated from Cyberjaya to Kuala Lumpur. My boss hired an office removals firm to transfer our equipment to the new office to do all the hard job. Frankly, I was impressed on how professional they do their work and in timely order. The business removals are really convenient and you can see how they manage to get all the stuff to the new location in the time window allocated. Although it’s very convenient but it also will cost me more. So should I go for the REMOVALS or should I just do the SELF PACKING ?

  • if you can afford it, removal services!
    Lets not risk back pain or broken items in your house.. XD

    (pssssh… I tertekan this blog because I thought it was talking about HAIR removal.. XD thought it would be hilarious)

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      hair removal ? hmmm..there are some jokes stashed in the for it..the most hilarious ones are the blond jokes..

  • byk sgt ke barang?

    tu org bujang tu…mcm2 yg difikirnya

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      banyak kak jie…6 tahun nyer stock barang tuh..hehe

  • If it could save you all the time and hassle why not spend a little? Last year I hired a lorry to help me with my mountains of stuff! HA 😀

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      thanks for giving me your feedback…i think i better go with the removal service..hehe

  • hm.. transferring to another place is tiring. Maybe I’ll need this one.

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      you’ll know when you have your own house later !