Spent money wisely on your wedding

Yesterday, I went to a wedding ceremony which I can say the most glorious and admirable wedding ceremony I’ve ever attended. Everything seems so perfect and well planned. The food is fabulous, the gifts is wonderful, the music sounds classical and lastly the bride looks stunning and dazzling. I bet every girl in that hall last night was envy with the bride. What more can you ask if that is your wedding ceremony? I don’t know if my wedding will be something like that because I’m a bride on a budget. Not everybody have big budget.

wedding ceremony

Every wedding should be perfect and flawless so I will make sure that budget won’t be the reason why I can’t plan and make my wedding perfect. All I have to do is plan the wedding smartly and spent the budget wisely. There are a lot of options out there so I think that can be done. The wedding invitations is where I should spent less because cheap wedding invitations can save my budget. Don’t take this wrong, just because it’s cheap wedding invitations it doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. Options is all mine so what I should do is find the place where they can print beautiful wedding invitations with less money to spent.

Food is where I should spent more because food is the most important thing in a wedding ceremony. People will be talking if the food is not decent since wedding ceremony is all about food.  So, I should play safe. The truth is every detail in a wedding should be important but it all depends on the bride and the groom themselves on where they want to emphasis more. Every wedding should be different from the others especially the wedding dress. I bet every bride think that is the most crucial detail of all. :grin: It’s ok to spent money on your wedding but just remember that there’s still a life after the wedding so don’t spent all your saving.