Technology advancement in cellular phones and Blackberry charger

I still remember when I got my first cell phone back in year 2000. My first phone is Nokia 3210. It was by far the most sleek mobile phone at the time and I got it for RM1800. That was the early days of cell phone emergence in Malaysia. This is not a cheap mobile phone at the time but what the hell. The thing that I was attracted to the phone is not because of the nice, small phone design with no antenna but it was the T9 dictionary that really amuses back in the days as well as the snake game is so addictive. Now that is really common features in today’s mobile phones and the games are much more advance than the simple snake game.


Apart from that, after a few years after that, we have another major advancement in mobile phone which is bluetooth to replace the lousy infra red technology and after that, we have wireless technology in the mobile phones now. The we start to use wireless phone accessories to replace paired bluetooth devices or cabled ear phones. Phones now have memory cards to give more applications to be installed and more data like videos or mp3s to be saved in the phones instead of internal memories only.

Nowadays, smart phones are really popular and even cellphones evolved to more functions to match smart phones and personal digital assistant phones or PDA phone. Smart phones and PDA phones are now making people’s life more easy and people can do a lot of things on the go. This makes business grew much faster than it usual. People can check emails, surf the internet, mobile phone conferencing, video conferences and other on the road. Business people choose Blackberry because of it’s functions and they don’t worry about the battery died on them because they have mobile Blackberry charger to fix that.

For me, I still sticking with my Sony Ericsson W800i. I knew it’s time to turn to a new mobile phone but I’m still looking for my perfect mobile phone. Some phones are full filling my needs and requirements but they are too expensive at the moment. Maybe I need to wait a little longer before I can get the new phone that I ever wanted !