Thicker Business Cards Stand Out in Crowd

Open your desk drawer or wallet and pull out a business card – any business card will do and this is not the start of a conjuring trick!

I want you to feel the card – how does it fit with your fingers; does it feel robust; does it say, “I’m good quality” or is it simply a floppy piece of card with some numbers on it?  Ask yourself seriously if it looks and feels right and now ask if it could be better!


Of course it can be better but so often business cards are relegated to low priority when it comes to design and quality and yet these little pieces of paper and card are working for your business and your image 24/7 and 365 days a year.

A simple and cost effective means of upgrading your business card is to quite simply improve the quality of the card being used to make them; a step up a few rungs of the quality grade scale will make an enormous difference in terms of what it communicates to whoever receives one.

A good heavy card paper will impart a feeling of luxury without the glamor; solidity and robustness which are essential in forging trust with new contacts and prospects; a feeling your business has been established for some time and is likely to be around for some time yet to come – all positive perceptions and very useful when introductions are first being made.

Just as importantly, you want your business card to stand out from the herd – a busy executive or decision maker is going to have a stack of business cards and most will be homogenously boring as they will be made from the same paper card, same colors (white and black) and the same, unimaginative name and contact information.  This is a golden opportunity to really make a statement not only when you give your business card but whenever the recipient uses it or is looking for it.

Heavy business cards stand out in a pile of cards simply because they are thicker – here’s a tip, go for the heaviest grade of paper you can afford; cost should not be such an issue as paper is not that expensive but you will ensure without any design work involved that your card is going to stand out instantly to the recipient when they are hunting through a deck of business cards searching for yours.

Going large on your card is not such a good idea – use standard sizing so the recipient can still keep the card in their wallet or purse; if is won’t fit in there it is likely to get lost or even tossed in the trash.  Color is also important when promoting your business through any item of your stationery but extremely so with your business card; think about using bright vibrant colors for the backdrop to the card to make it more noticeable but you can also opt for more subdued designs as long as they sufficiently make your card differentiated from the rest of the competition’s offerings.

About the author: Conquest Graphics is an online printing company specializing in brochure printing, newsletter printing and more with top-shelf quality.