What’s the deal with Cuban cigars?

I’m a hardcore smoker and I have to admit it although I don’t really like the idea of sounding like I’m proud of it. Anyway, I’m in the process of quitting and it’s a long one though. I can just stop buying and smoking but I don’t really love the idea of my body getting shocked in the first place, so I think I’m going to try the hard way first. Enough about me quitting smoking. I have a few friends that don’t smoke but they surely enjoy the pleasure of smoking Cuban cigars which I don’t really get it.


Cuban cigars are really expensive and usually it is smoked by certain people which I meant by wealthy people. Smoking cigars can be a symbol of your status. Only people who are familiar with cigars can know is the cigar expensive or cheap. It’s just like diamond experts. You have to be an expert to know the quality of the diamond.

I remembered my first time getting a taste of Bolivar cigars. I don’t really expect the taste is so delicate and although I’m already a smoker, cigars taste is really different from cigarettes. I have to admit I did cough when I was getting the first smoke when trying the Bolivar cigar and the taste lasted for several hours after that. Gosh, although it’s quite embarrassing but it’s definitely a nice experience and privilege to try such cigar ! Cigars are easy to be bought nowadays and you can even buy cigars online.