Do you still own bicycles today?

I still remember the days that I own my own bicycle. My first real bicycle was from a lucky draw from a book carnival. I never expected to win anything from the book carnival but as soon as I knew I won the prize, I can’t wait to get my hands on those bikes. Since it’s the first time I rode a bicycle, I can’t remember how many times I fell and get up again until I can get it right. That was my first of many other Raleigh Bikes that I have after that.


Soon after that, I started another obsession for bicycles. BMX bicycles were very popular back then and if a kid has a BMX bike, he will be more popular among the kids. When I think back about it, it was very very funny. Well, we were still kids back then. We tried to save every penny of our school pocket money and try to look for part time works helping mom and dad and neighbors to get some extra money to save. With all the money we save, we will go to the bicycle shop and look for new Bicycle Accessories to put on our BMX bikes. Well, although it’s sound kind of silly, but that’s how we learn to work and get what we wanted from our own hard work.

That was all in the past time. Although BMX bikes are still famous, but it’s among professional bikers now and not for kids anymore. Kids are more interested in their gaming consoles instead of riding their bicycles all over the town. Nowadays, people are more interested in riding motorbikes that could pollute the environment before choosing the less harmful yet healthy way to travel using the bicycles.

There are a lot of bicycles designed today and much more convenient. There are mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, folding bikes, Giant Bikes, tandem bikes, electric bikes and many other. Using an excuse like I don’t have any bicycles that caught my interest or there’s no bicycle shop around me is not really helping the environment or yourself. Nowadays, you can just buy the bicycles online and it will delivered to your doorstep. The choice is in your hands and you need to take action for it!