Driving in Spain

I still remember how we used to hire a car to go to faraway places because a lot of us doesn’t own a car and I was always the designated driver. I’m not really sure why, maybe because they feel safe with me as the driver. I was known as someone who can be entrusted with a hired car and although I’m fast with cars, I’m also a very careful driver. That means I only driver faster when there’s a need and safe to do so, but not on corners or dangerous places. This reminds me of a friend of mine who travelled to Spain recently.


He decided to drive in Spain because there are a lot of places to go and hiring a car is rather cheap because he’s traveling along with a small group of friends. He booked the car online just by googling car hire spain and he managed to find the best deal there. They picked the car at the airport although there are many other choices to pick the car but they saved the hassle by sending the car straight to the airport and the journey begins from there.

I can’t really remember all the places he went to during his short stay in Spain but I’m sure he had a lot of fun there since there was a tone of pure excitement in his voice when he told me the stories. All I can really remember is how great Nou Camp is, the home for Barcelona FC, the new Europe soccer champion as well as Santiago de Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid FC, another fierce rival for Barcelona FC. I can’t really remember the foods he ate there because the names of the food are new to me, other places he visited and what the things he did there. All that I can assure you, Spain in one place that is famous among the world tourists.

Here’s a quick tip. If you going to hire a car in Spain and it’s better if you know the place you will be going, it’s easier to look it online. Let’s say if you want to go to Costa Del Sol or the Sun Coast in English, you can google out for car hire costa del sol and you will find it immediately. Look for the best deal and decide wisely. Sometimes cheap car rental is not reall the wise decision, make sure you look at the feedbacks too. Good luck and have fun driving in Spain !