File Extension DOTX

File Extension DOTX is rather new in the computing world and it’s not really famous across the world. So if someone sent you this type of file, it shouldn’t be a virus but remember to check it’s not ending in typical application extension like .exe, .com or .bat. So what is DOTX file extension? Well, to put it in a simple terms, DOTX is the new Microsoft Office Word 2007 template based on Office Open XML file formats. It was derived from the XML standards that has been used widely in OpenDocument standard. Other new Microsoft Office 2007 extensions will be *.docx, *.xlsx  and *.pptx.

Where is File Extension DOTX used?

DOTX file extension is used in Microsoft Office Word 2007 for templates. There’s also other file extension similar to DOTX used in Microsoft Office 2007 (which based on Open XML file formats) which are .xltx for Excel templates and .potx for Power Point templates.

The advantage of using File Extension DOTX

– the file size is much smaller and sometimes up to 75% smaller because open XML format uses zip compression technology to store documents.

– improved damaged file recovery based on the Open XML standards

– better privacy and more control over personal data

– better integration and interoperability of business data.

– easier detection for documents that might contain macro which could prevent Word processing based viruses.

How to use File Extension DOTX if there’s no Microsoft Office 2007?

If you don’t have the latest Microsoft Office 2007, don’t be panic when you received a DOTX extension document from someone. What you have to do to open the file is by downloading and installing a Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 office. You can download the pack from free from the Microsoft website. Please also note, you will need to download and install service pack for your current Microsoft Office before you can install the compatibility pack.