How to choose a laptop

Computing world evolved faster than we expected and there are a new product on the line everyday and sometimes this can be quite confusing. One of the most popular product in the computer market is the laptops. For some, there’s no need for one but for others, they really need one but how do they make the wise choice? Here’s a general guide on how to choose a laptop.


Do I need a laptop?

This is the most important point of all. If you need portability, need to work on different places, always traveling and needs to be working on the go, you definitely need a laptop. Otherwise, save your money and buy a desktop computer.

Work or leisure?

It’s true that some laptops are able to be a portable gaming station since the specification are really high, but do you need really need one? Most laptops can be used for office works, surfing the internet, play movies and listen to mp3, but if you need to play high end graphic games, go get a desktop. No need for wasting money on really high end laptops just to play games unless you’re damn rich! And if you just want something really small, really portable, just to surf the internet and listening to songs, you can just get a netbook.

Set your budget

Set a budget for your laptop. Usually, a more expensive laptop doesn’t mean it’s faster or better, sometimes it’s just because of the brand. But remember, your laptop brand often proves their credentials and quality. Let’s just forget the brand for a second, and just set a budget. Again, if you are damn rich, please stop reading this article now.

Get the best specification.

One you have your budget, then you can start your survey for your new laptop. Try to get the overall specs for your budget. Make a target of 4 laptops of your choice. Try to look faster CPU, high RAM, larger storage, extra features like how many USB ports, screen size, firewire, TV outputs. For women, you might want to add weight, design and cuteness to the list.

Do a survey online.

One you have your targets, do a quick research online. Look for the testimonials from the users on the model you have shortlisted. Things to look at are like warranty claims, overheating, batterry issue and the operating system stability. Take everything into consideration and pick the best laptop that you want.

Get the best bargain.

Once you decided the laptop that you wanted, you can look for several options for the model you want. You can try to buy it online directly from the manufacturer or you can go to local computer mall. Make sure you get the best bargain if you go to the computer store. Ask for freebies from them! Free mouse, mousepad, USB fan, laptop cooling unit or whatever you can think of. Make sure it’s worth every buck buying the item from them.


Last but not least, make sure you take the deal on extended warranty. Ask the seller if they provide them. Laptop parts are very expensive and extended warranty will save you a lot from it. Don’t feel like you’re wasting money when getting an extended warranty because believe me, most of my friends regret that they don’t take my advice.

There you have a quick guide on how to buy a laptop. It’s quite a long one so thanks a bunch if you’re reading it till the end. Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts on the comment section and I’ll try my best to answer them for you.