I love good design t-shirts

I’m a simple person with a complex mind. Well, maybe I’m not that complex in other people’s eyes but I love to think I’m complex but simple. I dress simple and I don’t really love wearing shirts for fun. T shirts and jeans are my attire most if the time even I go to work. That’s one of the reason why I choose to be in my current company. They don’t really care about what you wear as long as it’s not provoking others and you do your job brilliantly. Great, just what I need.


My criteria for T-shirts is fairly simple. I don’t really like it’s too colorful, too many things on the shirt, too geek but sometimes I can make exceptions. The most important thing is it fits me fine and not over sized. I still remember I got a really nice white t-shirt that says “I see dumb people staring at my t-shirt”. I bought the cheap t-shirt 4 years ago and still wearing it till today. Damn, I love that t-shirt. I had a craze for superheroes t-shirt too when I was a kid. Batman was the most popular cartoon at the time so I also bought a Batman T shirt. Man, that was a really long time ago. I think I was 6 years old at the time and I still remember I had a picture of me wearing the t-shirt but can’t find it in my possession at the moment. If I find it, I’ll post it here.

I also had a craze for band t-shirts but the passion ended long ago. I once had t-shirts for famous bands like Nirvana, Oasis, Metallica, Silverchair and others, but it’s all gone now. Maybe my mom had threw them all to the thrash can or gave them to anyone. Who knows. But buying custom printed t-shirts now are really easy since we have internet and there are so much online t-shirt stores like WearYourBeer.com that sells custom t-shirt, movie t-shirts, cartoon t-shirts and even TV series t-shirts. I saw a few Spiderman T shirts but I don’t have any interest for such t-shirts anymore but definitely interested in the TV series T-shirt. :lol: