New Iphone 3Gs revealed and Palm Pre debut

The new Iphone 3Gs has been revealed at World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2009 which be on sale from 19th June 2009. Although the new Iphone 3Gs looks the same as the previous predecessor, but expect more features and more speed from the new Iphone. Better camera, better battery life, better video recording up to 30 frames per second, data speed connection now supports HSDPA and many more features. So expect there will be a rise in the sale of iphone accessories such as iPhone leather case and other Apple products like iPod leather case.


Palm also introduced a new Palm PDA phone which is Palm Pre. It was said that it will bring stiff competition to Iphone since it’s smaller, sleek design and ultraslim body which beats the current iPhone design. The fact is uses WebOS, which is based on linux platform that surely will boost Linux computing on smartphones nowadays. The features of the phone is  really developed nicely for today’s technology and although it’s a new comer in term of smartphone OS, webOS sure looks promising indeed. Latest Blackberry Storm also geared up more sales in smart phone industry typically PDA accessory such as Blackberry case. It’s interesting to see how  another major player in the smartphone  market will step up to the challenges threw by Iphone and Palm.

The growth of smartphones are considered fast but still not enough to cover the market demand for normal mobile phones. This is where phone makers like LG and Motorola still have their chance to step up their gear and came out with phones that can keep up with the smartphones. They can’t only depend on sale from LG and Motorola accessories for their current models, instead they need to come out with phones that are more competitive with the current market.